Applications now closed Advanced Construction Accelerator. 


Deliver fully autonomous construction progress tracking, quality surveying, and near real-time adherence to design identification, generating trustworthy reports and online dashboard.
Enhanced concrete that promises to be a game-changer thanks to the transformational addition of 2D material - graphene.
A technology capable of isolating significant amounts of CO2 in concrete. 

A patent-pending unique wall-climbing robot can climb any surface and be used for inspection and maintenance tasks such as building and infrastructure inspection and surveying or even painting. 
Future Joinery Systems are rethinking the way that bespoke joinery is procured by enabling designers and architects to configure quality joinery using tools that seamlessly integrate with existing CAD and BIM software.
An AI-powered carbon accounting software to accelerate decarbonisation for building and infrastructure projects.
Noam consumes data from a variety of formats and creates a structured representation; offering insights in the following ways: forecasting, standstill reduction, planning time reduction, and optimized process and maintenance management. 
Provide structural engineers with AI-based tools that enable them to reduce the needed concrete in their design, without changing their workflow and without any learning curve. 
With cloud-based logistics scheduling and planning, Veyor effortlessly connects vast supply chains on a live platform to enable teams to instantly and seamlessly manage daily materials handling and site activity.

Key Dates

2nd November

Information Webinar

21st November

Application Deadline

6th December

Technical Due Diligence Week

13th December

 Commercial Due Diligence

17th  December

Cohort Selection

31st  January

Welcome Week

14th July

Demo Day


What is the Advanced Construction accelerator?

The Advanced Construction accelerator is a brand-new programme by Connected Places Catapult designed specifically for SMEs with disruptive solutions in the construction domain.

The accelerator will see 9 SMEs join a 6 month programme where they will receive support from a consortium of industry partners. The consortium which is led by Connected Places Catapult includes programme sponsors Ferrovial Construction, Ibstock plc and Arup.

Industry partners will play an active role in challenge setting, SME selection and product validation and provide access to testing facilities and internal expertise. One of the main programme aims is to maximise commercial engagement, so selected SMEs will actively explore trial opportunities as part of the programme. 

Connected Places Catapult will be delivering the programme in partnership with Startup Discovery School who will support the SMEs through a bespoke programme roadmap tailored to their unique business needs - this will include but is not limited to investment readiness, business modelling, customer profiling and enterprise selling. 

" We are delighted to be launching the Advanced Construction Accelerator programme, never has it been more important to innovate the construction sector and by fostering collaboaration with industry partners and disruptive SMEs we believe we can make a lasting impact, that will not only benefit the industry but also wider society. I am looking forward to seeing what types of innovations and technologies we see as part of the application process." 

Erin Walsh
Director of Built Environment, Connected Places Catapult

Am I eligible for this programme?

  • You must   be an SME
  • You must    have or look to register a UK company address*
  • Preferably an innovative digital or hardware solution at TRL 6 - 8
  • You must    be able to address the challenge statements with your technology

*Connected Places Catapult can guide SMEs through this process

What's on offer to SMEs

Coaching and Mentoring

Including pitch coaching, business support and VC support

Solution Showcase

Demonstration Day to investors, industry and potential customers

Investment Readiness

Tailored investment readiness programme, with support from investment coaches

Growth Focus

5 months tailored business support

Funding Advice

including CR&D and grant opportunities

Technical Support

Technical support and sprints and access to technical experts

Business Development

Business development opportunities and introduction to potential customers

Accelerator goals

  • Bespoke business support to 9 disruptive SMEs
  • Support SMEs to secure investment and produce investment strategies
  • Focus on facilitating discussions that lead to commercial contracts, both UK and international
  • Support collaborative R&D - where appropriate/applicable
  • Agile sprints and technical focused sessions to develop technologies and meet challenge requirements
  • Support the implementation of potential trials with programme partners
  • Support development of FTEs

Accelerator Challenges

click below on the challenge areas for more details

Challenge 1
Streamlined Operations

Innovations that improve the delivery process of construction projects, enabling better outcomes for both clients and suppliers. 

We're looking for solutions which support supply chain integration, linking manufacturing and design processes with the construction requirements on site. Tools which help industry move towards design for manufacture and assembly, just-in-time delivery, materials optimisation and parametric design

We're looking for solutions which support collaboration and visibility across supply chain partners, increasing transparency and efficiency of connected operations. Tools which support the digital integration of supply chain processes such as logistics, materials tracking and smart contracts.

We're looking for solutions that support more effective planning and management of project delivery across the construction process. Tools which support the reduction in manual intervention when planning and monitoring projects, enable digital integration of project plans from across a construction programme and deliver real-time views of project elements such as status, budget and risks.

We're looking for innovations that support the development of buildings and spaces to support wellbeing and user experience. Tools that support a user-centric approach to engagement and design, source sustainable materials and create buildings that are carbon negative.

We're looking for solution that include:

  • Energy demand forecasting and management
  • Energy operations and safety management
  • Integrated operational management solutions

We're looking for innovations that support the development of buildings and spaces to support wellbeing and user experience. Tools that support a user-centric approach to engagement and design, source sustainable materials and create buildings that are carbon negative.

Challenge 2 
Carbon Reduction

Innovations that support greener operations and delivery of construction projects within the UK and which align to the government's Net Zero ambitions. 

We're looking for innovations that enable the production or use of more sustainable materials within the construction process.

    We're looking for innovations in processes that restore, renew or revitalise their own sources of energy such as climate positive materials.

    We're looking for innovations that can effectively track, predict and manage carbon outputs across a construction project. Tools which support carbon offsetting (including incentivization frameworks) and which enable construction projects to be delivered with minimal environmental impact to local communities.

    We're looking for innovations that capture data and provide insight around building performance to support effective decision making. Tools that identify how building performance changes over time, provide insight and recommendations to extend the lifetime of buildings and evaluate/ appraise options around retrofit activities.

    We're looking for innovations that support the integration and delivery of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) within the industry. Tools the support the design, build, testing and integration of MMC solutions within the construction process and wider supply chain.

    Challenge 3
    Digital Future

    Innovations that facilitate the transition to a digital future of construction. This will involve the use and application of digital tools that make the delivery, operation and renewal of our built environment safer, more efficient and more collaborative.

    We're looking for innovations that effectively capture data from completed projects and record learnings to inform future design decisions.

      We're looking for innovations which help the sector to structure and interpret the vast amounts of data collected throughout the construction process as well as tools which enable the effective and meaningful consolidation of data from different sources help to create a common view and a common language around data insights and outputs.

      We're looking for innovations which support effective and secure data exchange between entities operating within the construction process and enable frontline works to access the data they need to perform their activities and which support right-time collaboration across construction processes and teams.



        Programme Team

        If you have any questions on the programme or need support on your application, please reach out to the team below:

        Emma Marshall

        Programme Lead
        Connected Places Catapult

        Ellie Gyaurova

        Programme Manager Connected Places Catapult

        Gosbert Chagula

        Startup Discovery School

        Mandy Nyarko

        Startup Discovery School


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