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5th April

Information Webinar

1st May

Application Deadline

17th & 18th May

Technical Due Diligence Week

31st May

Commercial Due Diligence Week

1st June

Cohort Selection

15th June

Welcome Week

16th Nov

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What is the Milton Keynes Accelerator?

The Milton Keynes (MK) Accelerator is a brand-new programme sponsored by Milton Keynes Council and powered by Connected Places Catapult, designed to support SMEs with innovative solutions which can improve connectivity and boost urban sustainability in the city. 

About the Programme

The accelerator will be selecting 10 SMEs at TRL 6+ to join a 6-month programme, where they will have the opportunity to work with a consortium of strategic partners which includes AmeyCentre:MK and Socius Development.

Industry partners will play an active role in challenge setting, SME selection, product validation and provide access to testing facilities and internal expertise. One of the main programme aims is to maximise commercial engagement, so selected SMEs will actively explore trial opportunities in testbed facilities owned and operated by the council. As a highway/landowning authority, the council would also consider the use of MK assets within boundaries, this opens the potential use of open spaces, highways, car parks, etc.

Connected Places Catapult will be delivering the programme in partnership with True Altitude, who will support the SMEs through a bespoke programme roadmap tailored to their business needs, this will include but is not limited to:  investment readiness, business modelling, customer profiling and enterprise selling.

Accelerator Challenges

Challenge 1 - Connecting Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a world-leading, smart, digital city that promotes innovation, sustainability and provides seamless digital connections. What technologies will enable us to further leverage data to increase the connectivity of our transportation and infrastructure.

Building on the great work that Milton Keynes council has already done to connect the city, we are looking for technologies that  will enable us to further understand how commuters travel across our city, and how can we leverage this data to enable us to offer more flexible, connected and multimodal transport options. This could include encouraging commuters to choose more sustainable alternatives as opposed to the use of traditional options such as personal vehicles.

With a drive towards electrification of the grid and alternative modes of transport, what infrastructure solutions are needed to both enable this transition but also optimise the grid from which it operates.

What technologies will enable Milton Keynes to become a connected and data driven hub, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, IoT and 5G to drive operational efficiency whilst ensuring cyber surety. This could include but is no limited to technologies such as: Location-based, traffic monitoring, drones, construction bots, improvements for retails, and others.

Challenge 3 - Connected Community

Milton Keynes is recognised  internationally as a centre of learning and innovation at the heart of high performing universities in the Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford Arc. How can we continue to attract and develop talent alongside bringing our communities together to drive more sustainable and prosperous future for all. 

What solutions would enable us to understand our communities in way that we can communicate our vision in an engaging and meaningful way.

What technologies and platforms will enable us to attract, retain and develop skillsets, enabling us to grow Milton Keynes as a leading talent hub.

What technologies, services or business models will enable us to encourage green employment in Milton Keynes, helping us to drive our sustainability agenda.

Challenge 2 - Decarbonising Milton Keynes

A carbon neutral Milton Keynes by 2030  is an ambitious commitment that the council has taken. What disruptive digital technologies and platforms will enable Milton Keynes to achieve Net Zero by influencing sustainable mobility choices alongside improving the environment

What technologies and platforms will support Milton Keynes in influencing a model shift in the way people and goods are transported across our city.

What technologies and infrastructure will enable us to decarbonise Milton Keynes, to reduce harmful pollutants and offer a safer and healthier environment to our community. This could include but is not limited to renewal energies, water efficiency, waste management, circular economy and others.

What data driven technologies will enable Milton Keynes to evaluate how we are delivering against out Net Zero ambitions, alongside quantifying the potential environmental and socio-economic benefits to our strategy.

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What's on offer to SMEs

Coaching and Mentoring

Including pitch coaching, business support and VC support

Solution Showcase

Demonstration Day to investors, industry and potential customers

Investment Readiness

Tailored investment readiness programme, with support from investment coaches

Growth Focus

5 months tailored business support

Funding Advice

including CR&D and grant opportunities

Technical Support

Technical support and sprints and access to technical experts

Business Development

Business development opportunities and introduction to potential customers

Accelerator goals

  • Bespoke business support to 10 disruptive SMEs
  • Accelerate investment readiness and develop investment strategies
  • Focus on facilitating discussions that lead to commercial contracts
  • Support collaborative R&D - where appropriate/applicable 
  • Agile sprints and technical focused sessions to develop technologies and meet challenge requirements
  • Support the implementation of potential trials with programme partners
  • Support development of FTEs

Am I eligible for this programme?

  • You must be an SME.
  • You must have or look to register a UK company address.
  • You must be interested to trial and work in the Milton Keynes area.
  • Preferably an innovative digital or data solution at TRL 6 - 8.
  • You must be able to address the challenge statements with your technology.
  • You must be willing to travel to Milton Keynes once a month.

Strategic Partners

Delivery Partners

Programme Team

If you have any question about the programme, please reach out to the team below:

Andrea Perez Cipollitti

Programme Manager
Connected Places Catapult


Programme Lead
Connected Places Catapult


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