Innovating to Reduce the Impact of Roadworks
Expression of Interest

National Highways has identified that its customers (road users) can be negatively impacted when interfacing with roadworks on the Strategic Road Network (SRN). Communities and businesses located near to roadworks (or any associated diversion routes) can also be negatively affected.

National Highways are partnering with Connected Places Catapult to attract innovative organisations, across varying markets, with new ideas and technologies that have the potential to demonstrably reduce the negative impact of roadworks. Through a new National Highways competition - innovating to reduce the impact of roadworks - funding will be awarded to develop existing technology or new innovations that will reduce the negative impact of roadworks and ultimately increase customer satisfaction; National Highway’s main goal.

If your organisation is developing technology, products or solutions that could help National Highways achieve this goal, Connected Places Catapult want to hear from you! Please register your interest by completing the form below. Once you have registered, we will let you know how and when to submit a formal application for funding.

Please contact us if you have any other queries at