Challenge 2 - Safety & Security

HS2 is committed to creating a railway designed, built and operated to the highest health, safety and security standards. To achieve this, we have set the following objectives:

  1. To set a better standard for health and safety performance in the delivery of a major project
  2. To prevent injury and proactively manage risk
  3. To protect HS2 assets and those of its suppliers

The challenges we want to address

How can we use data and digital technologies to predict and/or mitigate:

  1. On-site risks and hazards – including digital solutions for: 
    - Behavioural analysis, identifying potential risks and/ or hazards in real-time and mitigating these before they occur on site
    - Keeping workers safe through reducing exposure to fixed hazards such as excavation collapses and working at height 
  2. Unauthorised access to HS2 sites – including digital solutions for: 
    - Identifying and alerting when unauthorised access has been gained to sites, including innovations to predict and prevent these instances
    - Identifying and alerting when workers enter excluded or restricted zones that they are not cleared to be in

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